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About Us

Why "Umi and Meg"? 



Our brand, "Umi and Meg Collection", is a wordplay on my daughter's name, Megumi. The name"Umi" is a Japanese name meaning "ocean" and "beautiful" while "Meg" is another name that means Pearl. Living on the island of Guam we are inspired to keep on pushing even when the tides are high or low.

Polymer Clay Art



Polymer Clay is a malleable material that you can bend, stretch, and create within your imagination. I use polymer clay as an extension of myself and create art pieces that are uniquely made for our lovely guys and gals. Polymer clay also allowed me to express my love for myself, my family, and everyone who made me who I am today.  

Also, our handmade polymer clay jewelry showcases the imperfections, the struggles, and the process to create something beautiful and diverse like our own culture here in Guam.