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Umi and Meg Collection is meant to be adorned under adult supervision. Our products are handcrafted with quality materials and may contain small parts that could pose as a potential choking hazard. Jewelry and other accessories should always be removed during sleep, never be placed in the mouth, and should be placed out of the reach of young children or those who are likely to ingest the jewelry or its materials and components. Please note that Umi and Meg Collection is not a toy and could potentially pose as a strangulation or choking hazard and should always be worn or adorned with adult supervision. Never leave young children unattended with our products.

To preserve the quality of our products, avoid exposure to liquids, oils, and lotions. Our products are handmade, and each piece will come with slight variations in color and texture. Each piece is tested for strength and durability, but as all jewelry goes, with wear, tear and carelessness, the jewelry is prone to break.

By purchasing from Umi and Meg Collection the Customer agrees that the use of Umi and Meg Collection is entirely at the customer’s own risk and without warranty. Customer acknowledges the risk of injury from any cause connected with his or her use of possession of said jewelry rests with the Customer. Supervision is required, it is at the Customer’s discretion for the use of our products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message at umiandmeg@gmail.com